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Top Adelaide Attractions to Experience Top 10 Things to See

The spectacular city of Adelaide is one of the main traveler destinations in the country. There is everything in the city from pilgrim favorites to sports destinations, from major educational organizations to gardens museums and much more. It is hard to shortlist the major hot spots, yet there are few things one should not miss on a visit to this city.

Here is a concise description of the city and its attractions:

Adelaide Fringe Festival

If you are planning a visit to Adelaide, it is better to opt for the month of February and March. The festivities last for 24 days. Thousands of artists use this as a platform to display their talent and specialty. You can see street parades, celebrations, parties and much more throughout the night.

Flora and Fauna

One must visit the zoological gardens of Adelaide and Monarto to get the glimpses of important species like kangaroo, pandas, emus, koalas and much more. The Cleland Wildlife Park also has a collection of numerous animal species for viewing.

The city has a botanical garden and those who have the desire to get a brief account of the Australian plant types must not miss this place.

Important Sea Beaches

This is the place one can get the chance to be approaching to the dolphins. At the Glenelg beach, you can plenty of dolphins having fun in the water.


Adelaide is also termed as the ‘City of Churches’. Here the Catholic Archdiocese is an important place of visit for pilgrimage. There are some astonishing museums presenting a rich source of information.

Places of Interest

You can experience many aspects of the aboriginal culture, fossil specimens, rare archives, and many scientific excerpts. There is a frozen zoo inside the museum. If you want to gather vital facts on frozen tissue related research, then it is the right spot for you.

The Famous Haigh’s Chocolate

Haigh’s Chocolate is one of the popular chocolate stores. The famous ice coffee is the most refreshing thing to drink during a hot summer afternoon.

Adelaide Attractions to Experience

An Eminent Wine Centre

The National Wine Centre is another famous place of a visit to gather knowledge of different wine varieties and taste them. Get the stock of all favorite wine brands under one roof and excel the art of making a cocktail of your choice. In addition to these, there are some exotic eateries and restaurants in the city known for their excellent availability of famous Australian delicacies in their menu.

The Art Gallery in South Australia

South Australia has a rich collection of some magnificent artwork, one cannot escape admiring. An enormous collection of over 38000 of famous artifacts from various ages is preserved with great care in this place. The work of famous artists like Russell Drysdale, Arthur Boyd, Henry Moore, etc are included in the collection of masterpieces of other well-known artists.

Rivers and Lakes

The beauty of Torrens River can be experienced during a jogging session in the Linear Park located adjacent to it. The beauty of the Mawson lakes is enchanting for all. Some other rivers are the Sturt River, Barker Inlet, Little Para river, etc.

Malls, Racing Grounds and other attractions

Apart from these special places to visit, you can have fun with many shopping malls, beauty spa centers, and the world’s major hotels. Make a list of shopping from the shopping centers, as they are known for the quality and wide range of stocks. The infrastructure excellent for traveling with the availability of various means of transportation round the clock. The metro and tram services are suitable for traveling to various parts. Yet one should gather sufficient information on the train schedules and flight arrival and departure timetable for convenience at all points of time.