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Top 7 Incredible Travel Destinations In Europe

Europe is a continent that is mostly visited for its varied cultures, rich traditions, great history, captivating scenery, modern sophistication, and alluring atmosphere. Some of the European nations are known for their castles as well as palaces, while some cities are just known for its scenic charm and plethora of cultures. So, European vacations are always full of excitement, fun, and learning. Here is the list of top 7 cities that are most visited for enjoying diverse European vacations, which you must also plan of; if you haven’t until now.


Ah! This is the crown that holds many hidden jewels! Yes, Italy has always been a cultural destination besides being a romantic one. Attend the White Night Festival; discover the might of the Roman history via the Coliseum, Pantheon, and the Palatine Hill; get soaked into the art world via the museums as well as art galleries; and be blessed in the Pope’s Vatican City featuring St. Peter’s Basilica the great artworks of Michelangelo. Be here at least for four days.


How can I miss this city in this list of great European vacations, which is dubbed as the ‘fashion capital’ besides being recognized as among the most terrific cities on Earth? Obviously, the very first attraction that comes to our minds is the Eiffel Tower where not-so-hard ascend offers a spectacular vista of overall Paris. Next, a visit to the Louvre art museum, the largest of its kind on the planet, is a must for all visitors here. It features over 30000 art items.


This is among the favorite ancient destinations for the true fan of history. Allow your pictures of history books to flash in front of you in its real charm as you explore this Greek capital. A week tour is just what you need to explore Europe’s longest city.


This Spanish city is very alive with its myriad of shining treasures of all kinds. This is where traditional art. Start your holiday here with the indulging summer music festivals, especially the ones that feature flamenco, continue with the fun by savoring the mouth-watering.


This German capital is where art, architecture, ancient tradition, and cultures form a perfect atmosphere of vacationing. Besides the fantastic nightlife, Berlin has other magnetic sights and points to keep its guests busy as well as happy. Look for the fashionable malls and shops if you are a shopaholic; Zoologischer Garten that is among the most ancient and internationally acclaimed zoological gardens if you are a fan of botany; and Berlin Wall, Reichstag, and Pergamon Museum if you are an art as well as a historic lover.


Literally meaning ‘steamy bay’, this Iceland capital is a great winter vacation. However, also note that this is among the costliest destinations, but is worth it! The main attractions are the geothermal pools and the Ice Hotel. Other tourist highlights are Mt. Keilir, Hengill, National Museum, Austurstraeti, and Hafnarstraeti. The museum exposes the culture on this ice-filled land, while the latter two are known for souvenirs and handicrafts.


I recommend visiting this city via a bus that will comfortably as well as affordably take you around the city. With this way of traveling, you can easily wonder at the major tourist attractions – Royal Botanical Garden, National Gallery of Scotland, Museum of Scotland, and Royal Yacht Britannia.

European vacations feature entertaining venues, native cuisine, shopping malls, historic monuments, and interesting museums.

Best Tips For Saving Money On Vacations

One of the best money saving tips when planning a vacation is to book your flight, hotel or rental cars early. Hotels, car rentals or air travel companies usually provide incentives for those who book in advance. Booking your holiday early will also save you from the hassles that come with last minute or deadline day bookings which are somewhat hectic.

Utilize package tours

You can minimize your travel expenses by utilizing package tours. Tours or travel agencies usually offer attractive or affordable deals for tourists. These packages usually cater to traveling and accommodation. You should always stay updated on current offers so that you can secure the best possible deal for yourself. One great way of finding cheap deals is to use the internet. Before signing up for a deal and parting with your hard earned money, conduct a background check on the tours and travel firm. Make sure you signup with a reliable service provider, so as to avoid fraudsters or con artists.

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Carry a guidebook/ map

A guidebook/map is one travel tool or companion that you cannot afford leave behind. This book essentially contains useful information such as tourist attractions, places to eat and sleep on a cheap, local culture and customs, best vacation spots, best or ideal days to visit parks or museum, city map, travels offers etc. you will save lots of money as well as your time if you carry a guide book or map along.

Look for discounted deals or coupons

Once you have made a decision on the location of your vacation, you can then begin to search for cheap deals or coupons online. One easy way of locating such deals is to search the terms “hotel coupon codes” with the name of destination or city that you intend to vacation. If you find great deals or coupons, redeem them as fast possible and save a whole lot more in the process.

Peak season will always cost more due to the influx of tourists from different parts of the world. Hotel and other tourist attraction sites like ( usually hike their rates during this time. Take your vacation during off-peak season and still have a great time, while saving a big portion of your budget as a result.

Reside in lodging, hostel or a two stars hotel

Instead of spending most of your budget on accommodation in lavish or five-star hotels, you can opt to stay in an affordable lodging, hostel, or a two-star hotel. You will likely have a sizable amount of money to spend on other things once you cut down on accommodation.

Possibly stay with family and friends

Another easy money saving tip is to stay with your family or friends instead of renting a hotel or a lodge. This will, however, depend on whether you have friends or family in the destination you intend to visit. If you have friends or relatives in your intended vacation spot or city lucky you, as you will likely enjoy their hospitality and spend little money as a result.

Eat drink

You can discover many affordable joints or hotspots if you mingle with locals. You will particularly enjoy their hospitality, culture food, clubbing joints on a cheap. Maximize your experience in a foreign country by hanging out with locals. Locals will likely direct you to or show you affordable joints where you can eat, drink and have fun without really spending much. Locals will also introduce you to their culture.

Hotels usually charge premium rates, especially on accommodation. You can secure a furnished apartment, where you can do your own cooking and laundry. Look for such deals on the internet as they are plenty nowadays.